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What do we do?

  • Building Customer Loyalty

    By applying new technologies we help energy companies build positive and long-term relations with customers and significantly improve quality of customer service

  • Energy Effectiveness

    Thanks to our innovative tools and applied methodology we increase customers' energy effectiveness on a mass scale

  • Demand Management

    By combining personalised communication channels with the valuable information for customers we are able to influence their behaviour at a specified moment of the day

Our methods

  • Information

    By providing customers with valuable information on their power usage we give them a possibility to evaluate their energy effectiveness

  • Motivation

    By acquiring the valuable information customers have the possibility to analyse their power usage over time and compare it with energy consumption of other similar users. Such process builds the competition spirit which triggers the need for change

  • Knowledge

    Having the motivation to change their power usage behaviour, customers are ready to be supplied with the right information helping them achieve their goals. By creating energy consumption profiles, we are able to provide the customers with a personalized base of hints that might be helpful in their particular case

  • Reaction

    Thanks to providing the information, building motivation and sharing the knowledge with customers, the following effect is expected:

    • Building customers' loyalty to their energy provider
    • An increase of customers' energy efficiency
    • Shifting or decreasing the energy demand peak in a group of customers

Our products

Web application

Gives consumers the knowledge about their power usage and possible ways of saving as well as builds additional engagement between the consumer and the energy company

(sms, e-mail)

Providing the information via sms or e-mail enables influencing the customer's behaviour on real-time basis, making it possible for the customer to react instantly against any power usage abnormalities

Mobile application

It makes the consumers access availability more flexible than ever and broadens the ways of communication with new electronic channels. This way, they are free to reach their power usage data from any part of the world at any time.

Saving tips

Delivered together with a profiling tool, which enables to aim adequate educational hints to the right consumer.

Eco reports

This is an alternative to energy reports. It appeals to customers who, above economic aspects, value ecology issues – environment protection.

Energy reports

Delivered periodically, they allow customers to understand their power usage in a clear and accessible way.

Benefits for consumers

  • Monitoring

    Following the power usage might be troublesome and time consuming. Our tools make it easy and pleasant

  • Comparison

    We give customers the possibility of creating the comparisons they need – whether they are interested in other consumers’ power charts or the electricity usage change over specific time.

  • Audit

    The Customers will be provided with the information of their energy consumption peaks, which energy consumption points are the least energy efficient and generate unnecessary costs.

  • Communication

    Do you want to reach your customers with the right information on time, wherever they are? We can make it happen!

  • Progress

    We will tell your customer how much money he managed to save thanks to improving his energy efficiency and how much unused potential is still waiting for him.

  • Awareness

    We believe that carrying about customer's interest is incredibly important in building a relationship with him. By helping him develop his energy effectiveness awareness we give him the necessary knowledge to influence his present situation.


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